Columbus Farmers Market

Early today I headed to a flea market in Columbus, New Jersey in hopes of finding some new cameras. Although I didn't find any gear, I did come away with some candid shots with my Fuji X100S which I'm really starting to enjoy due to it's size and discreet qualities. 

The sun was brutal and I'm currently sporting a pretty good sunburn(minus where my neck-strap was). Vendors come from all over the Tri-State area with wares ranging from socks to saxophones to antique seed sowers and everything in between. Some vendors are strictly business and don't take kindly to haggling, while others just want to share their life story and don't care if you buy a thing. 

The smell of chargrilled chicken filled the air while nostalgic video games brought me back to my childhood as I hunted for deals and fought back the urge to buy renaissance style broadswords.

Almost every item I came across had a unique story and it was clear that at some point it was held dear to someone in the past. The vendors rugged exterior faded through conversation and I got to catch a glimpse into their lives.

Although many of the vendors change from week to week, there are staples with loaded tables and a seemingly never-ending back stock in their vans to last through the weekend. This ensures that every time you go, there will be something different to see and experience, which I hope to do again very soon.